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Arieana Arabians ~ Gleeful Pico
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Gleeful Pico Yearling Portrait
Portrait of Gleeful Pico as a Yearling.
From the private collection
of Suzi Morris

Leafy Bullet Gleeful Pico Leafy Bullet
AHR #469297

Leafy Bullet Old Hearst-source pedigree
Leafy Bullet CMK
Leafy Bullet American Foundation Bred
Leafy Bullet SCID Clear
Leafy Bullet DNA on Record

Color: Chestnut    Sex: Mare   
February 25, 1991

Sire: RS Ibn Haatshaat (Haat Shaat x RE Gaydruz by *Druzba)

Dam: Jolley Pico (Rahmoun x Kishtee Pri Moun by Mounri)

Breeder: William R. or Austine Hearst, Jr. San Simeon, California

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Gleeful Pico
has been an Arieana Foundation Mare Supreme. We cherish our memories of this beautiful mare for all the many hours of joy her very presence brought to our hearts and minds, enriching our lives in ways that defy words of description.

She's been a true pleasure trail companion and best friend and the dam of three incomparable foals for us. She's been deservedly nick-named "Glitters" for her eye-catching iridescent golden chestnut coat and sparkling personality, but it is for her style and elegance, form to function working horse conformation, and inner qualities that we find her irreplaceable. 

It is with a great deal of gratitude we thank and wish John and Rose Muffett of Muffett Farms all best of luck and success as they take this priceless mare through the next steps of her life.

Pedigree of Gleeful Pico AHR #469297

Tahas 7200
Haat Shaat+ 13903
Sha-Ira 6823
RS Ibn Haatshaat 243960
*Druzba 61009
RE Gaydruz 144221
Bint Gayneyna 53790
Gleeful Pico
AHR #469297
Rahas 651
Rahmoun 10124
Mounigha 5500
Jolley Pico 91461
Mounri 6918
Kishtee Pri Moun 52597
Kishtee Priza 22591

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Bloodline Percentages for Gleeful Pico AHR #469297
Crabbet/Blunt = 55.9814 
GSB (incl. Crabbet) = 64.9902 
Davenports = 6.73828 
Polish = 18.5547 
Egyptian = 30.5908 
Russian = 6.25 
WK Kellogg = 25.6348 
CMK = 87.8906 
Abbas Pasha Source = 26.3275 
WR Brown/Maynesboro Stud = 38.6719 
Abbas Pasha/Ali Pasha Sherif Source = 28.3173 
Babson Egyptian = 1.5625 
Old Babolna (pre-WW II) = 2.92358 
Old German (Weil) = 1.26953 
North American Desert Source = 22.9004 
Early American Foundation (vol V) = 71.875 
American Foundation (thru vol X) = 87.5 
El Emir = .537108 
Mesaoud = 12.7075 
Ghazala = 4.44336 
Raffles = 1.5625 
Skowronek = 6.83594 

Zobeyni (Abbas Pasha) sire line; Ghazieh (Abbas Pasha) dam line. A
Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah. CMK and American Foundation.

Percentages and research by Eva Dano courtesy of Delores Lyndon or Laurie Weichelt

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Gleeful Pico's Photo Gallery

Click to view larger image (111864 bytes)
First Day under saddle
Spring 1994.
Photo from the private collection
of Suzi Morris

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Photo by Suzi Morris 2002

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Gleeful Pico showing off for Blitzen of Pico at Obermeyer Arabians 2001
Photo by Sandy Obermeyer

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Click to view larger image (132069 bytes)
" Whee! I am in love with
Blitzen of Pico" 2001
Photo by Sandy Obermeyer

Click to view larger image (108859 bytes)
"Stop Now? I'm Late!"
Photo by Sandy Obermeyer

Click to view larger image (152370 bytes)
"I've got a date with
Blitzen of Pico!"
Photo by Sandy Obermeyer

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For more information on Gleeful Pico or the CMK Heritage Horses of Arieana Arabians, please contact:

Suzi Morris
28952 Via Hacienda
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-5546
Phone: 949-248-1260

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