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Photo copy from Arabian Horse World
February 1977 courtesy of Windwalker

Leafy Bullet Balastra Leafy Bullet
AHR #1590

Color: Bay
Sex: Stallion
Foaled: April 7, 1938

Sire: Gulastra (*Astraled x Gulnare)

Dam: Bazrah (*Rodan x Bathsheba by *Hauran)

Breeder:  Sunical Land & Livestock Dept., Hearst Magazines, Inc. San Francisco, California

Last Owner of Record:
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jackson.
Valley Center, California

Sire of 23 registered purebred Arabian foals (8 colts and 15 fillies) including his daughter Shamrah, the dam of Saidi (see Ashan Adar).

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From our Arieana Notebook: The classic Balastra is warmly remembered here in Southern California as the foundation stallion for the highly-regarded breeding program of Roy and Nellie Jackson. Balastra is noted as being an incredible beauty with marvelous presence and animation. Purchased by The Jacksons as a yearling from the ranch of Herbert H. Reese, many stories have been told about this stallion as a feisty and fiery youngster. Yet this incident is one of our favorites as related by Dr. Clinton Emerson to the editors of Arabian Horse World, February 1977: "At an early show at Pomona, it seems that the judge was not happy with the stallion's behavior and didn't think that the small Mr. Jackson was capable of handling his raucous colt. I [Dr. Emerson] will never forget the loud and clear voice in which the judge told Mr. Jackson to 'Walk him down and trot him back, IF YOU CAN, I said, IF YOU CAN!' Then Roy Jackson, in his calm and gentle way, patted the horse softly on the chest between the front legs and the two of them walked off quietly, then returned at a very controlled trot, much to the consternation of the judge and the crowd." This was the only time Balastra was shown and he was made Champion that day. He lived with The Jacksons for the remaining days of his life with many champion sons and daughters to his credit.

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Pedigree of Balastra AHR #1590

Mesaoud GSB 2070
*Astraled 238
Queen of Sheba
GSB 31
Gulastra 521
*Rodan 258
Gulnare 278
*Ghazala 211
AHR #1590
Harb GSB 397
*Rodan 258
*Rose of Sharon 246
Bazrah 378
*Hauran 197
Bathsheba 280
*Butheyna 251
Sire Line: Zobeyni (Abbas Pasha) through Mesaoud (Blunt)
Tail Female: Basilisk (Blunt) (Seglawi Jedran of Ibn ed Derri)

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For more information on Balastra or to see how his influence lives on in the prized and cherished horses of Arieana Arabians, please contact us. Visitors are always welcome, appointments are appreciated. 

Suzi Morris
28952 Via Hacienda
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-5546
Phone: 949-248-1260

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