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Leafy Bullet Mahomet Leafy Bullet
AHR #729

Color: Chestnut
Sex: Stallion
Foaled: June 16, 1929

Sire: Hanad (*Deyr x Sankirah by *Hamrah)

Dam: Domow (*Abu Zeyd or *Astraled  x *Wadduda d.b.)

Breeder: John A. George
Indianapolis, Indiana

Sire of 13 registered purebred Arabian  foals (6 colts and 7 fillies) including Tamar (maternal grand dam of Tamarlane) who is of mid-pedigree significance in Arieana's Arabians.

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From our Arieana Notebook: We have little information in our Notebook on the actual circumstances surrounding the life and times of Mahomet, and if you have some information to share with us, we'd love to post it here. We do however have this photo (below) which we hope you will enjoy, courtesy of Eva DanÝ.

Mahomet in Costume Class

Reading from left to right, Mahomet is identified as the 9th horse (2nd from the right); the occasion was the Arabian Costume Class at the Indiana State Fair in 1938 ~ one of the first Bedouin (Native) Costume Classes. His rider at this time was Max Bonham. We do know that at some time in Mahomet's life his ownership transferred to Jackson K. Landers, Indianapolis, Indiana, and that Mahomet's contributions as a sire were considered important by those within the Dean/Midwest Circles of the CMK Heritage foundation breeding programs. We at Arieana Arabians love to compare these two photos with those of his great grandson Tamarlane and much appreciate the qualities we see inherited from both horses in our gorgeous and capable riding and doing CMK Heritage horses of today. See also Sharik's Sun, Mahomet's gorgeous Palomino great grandson descending out of his daughter Bint Narma's daughter.

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Pedigree of Mahomet AHR #729

Desert Bred
*Deyr 33
Desert Bred
Hanad 489
*Hamrah 28
Sankirah 149
Moliah 109
Mahomet AHR #729
GSB 2070
*Abu Zeyd 82
Rose Diamond
GSB 174
Domow 267
Desert Bred
*Wadduda 30
Desert Bred
Sire Line: *Deyr (Abeyan Sherrak) (Imported by Davenport)
Tail Female: *Wadduda (Seglawi al Abd) (Imported by Davenport)

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Leafy Bullet Makina Leafy Bullet
AHR #450

Color: Bay (Registered as Grey but never turned color)
Sex: Mare
Foaled: March 14, 1921

Sire: Letan (*Muson x *Jedah by Desert Bred)

Dam: Hasiker (*Hamrah x *Reshan by Desert Bred)

Breeder: F. E. Lewis II
Spadra, California
(Diamond Bar, California)

Dam of 6 registered purebred Arabian foals (3 colts and 3 fillies) including Alla Amarward, a stallion of significance in the pedigrees of Arieana Arabians.

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From our Arieana Notebook: Makina was a straight Davenport mare descending on all lines of her pedigree directly from horses imported to the United States by Homer Davenport in 1906. She was renown for her running speed!

Jay Meyers, writing in tribute to Makina's son Alla Amarward, mentions that Makina had at one time gone through ice and as a result had badly scarred legs. These scars were unsightly to the extent that her owner talked of having her destroyed. However, Makina, like most Arabian mares, had many friends. One in particular [name not given] interceded for her, playing up the fact she had been bred to Stambul and was possibly in foal. Makina was then thankfully spared and did foal, and that resulting foal was the incomparable Alla Amarward. (The Arabian Horse News, May 1962, as shared with us by Windwalker)

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Pedigree of Makina AHR #450

Desert Bred
*Muson 27
Desert Bred
Letan 86
Desert Bred
*Jedah 44
Desert Bred
Makina AHR #450
Desert Bred
*Hamrah 28
*Urfah 40
Hasiker 268
Desert Bred
*Reshan 38
Desert Bred
Sire Line: *Muson (Kehilan Al-Maison) (Davenport)
Tail Female: *Reshan (Kehilan Heyfi) (Davenport) 

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Masyra at Aldachar 1959

Leafy Bullet Masyra Leafy Bullet
AHR #1778

Color: Grey
Sex: Mare
Foaled: January 15, 1940

Sire: Mudir (*Mirzam x Nabih by Raja-Al-Mustakbal)

Dam: Raseyna (*Raseyn x Sherlet by Letan)

Breeder: Dwight Murphy
Santa Barbara, California

Dam of 14 registered purebred Arabian foals (8 colts and 6 fillies) including her son Hamdan (sire of Danalon) and a stallion of significance mid-pedigree in Arieana's foundation bloodstock.

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From our Arieana Notebook: Masyra was noted as a champion mare, dam of champions, and dam of champion producing daughters as written in a personal communication to us from David Bracker of Aldachar Arabians dated April 18, 2004.

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Pedigree of Masyra AHR #1778

Rafeef GSB 693
*Mirzam 808
Marhaba GSB 599
Mudir 1551
Raja-Al-Mustakbal 503
Nabih 581
Nusara 371
Masyra AHR #1778
Skowronek GSB 552
*Raseyn 597
Rayya GSB 657
Raseyna 1108
Letan 86
Sherlet 339
Sheria 110
Sire Line: Zobeyni (Abbas Pasha) through Mahruss II (Blunt)
Tail Female: *Urfah (Seglawi Al-Abd) (Davenport)

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For more information on Mahomet, Makina, or Masyra, or to see for yourself how their influence lives on in the prized and cherished horses of Arieana Arabians, please contact us. Visitors are always welcome; appointments are appreciated.

Suzi Morris
28952 Via Hacienda
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-5546
Phone: 949-248-1260

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