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Maidan 23 Years

Leafy Bullet Maidan Leafy Bullet
GSB #14 (Volume VXI)

Color: Chestnut   Sex: Stallion
Foaled: 1869

Sire: Desert Bred (Nejd)

Dam: Desert Bred (Nejd)

Strain: Maneghi Hedruj

From our Arieana Notebook:
A stallion bred in the Nejd and the original horse on one of our sire lines, Maidan was one of the most gallant and remarkable Arabian stallions in the recorded history of our breed. Admired for both his beauty and his athletic prowess, his story begins when he was brought from the desert to Bombay, India in 1871 by the respected horse dealer Abdur Rhaman who sold him to Captain Johnstone who commenced racing him in India as a two year old.

The reports of his early to mid-life are somewhat conflicting, but in general it is agreed that as a young horse he was a superb racehorse in India, winning the Punjab Cup as an untried two-year old, and that he continued his winning career for three more years until no further matches could be made for him. (Borden, p. 77)

Then at 5 years of age (1874) Maidan was sold as a charger to Lieutenant Colonel Brownlow of the 72nd Highlanders. Brownlow was a heavy-weight at 19 stone (266 lbs.) with his equipment. Maidan carried him for twelve years in campaigns through the mountainous regions of India and Afghanistan until Brownlow was killed in the fight at Kandahar at the end of the famous 300 mile forced march of Lord Roberts's Army from Kabul.

At 17 years of age Maidan was bought by Lord Airlie who again put him to racing in India. In the three years between 1881-1884 Maidan won the Ganges Hog Hunt Cup, the Kadir Cup (the Blue Ribbon of Pigsticking in India), and a 4-mile steeplechase.

He was then sold to Captain the Honourable Eustace Vesey, who bought him to take to England. Leaving India on the troopship Jumna Maidan got as far as Suez, where the ship met the expedition going to the relief of Suakim, where Osman Digna was harassing the garrison, and was pressed into service as a transport for troops to Massowah, near the lower end of the Red Sea. So it happened that the old racehorse and charger had his journey lengthened (he stood on his feet for one hundred days without once lying down) before he reached Marseilles, France. Shortly after he won a race for his owner at Pau and later was raced successfully in England. (Borden, pp. 78-79)

Upon the death of the Honourable Vesey in 1889, Maidan was purchased by the Honourable Miss Dillon, and won yet another steeplechase at the age of 22 years. He slipped and broke a leg whilst out at exercise in 1892, and had to be destroyed. (Upton p. 23)

Yet even at such an advanced age Bordon mentions that he was described in the London Live Stock Journal as "...fresh and well, with immense bone below the knee and as clean in the legs as a four year old, notwithstanding the fact that he was hunted in Suffolk last year."

The first mare Maidan was ever known to cover was the mare *Naomi and she produced the chestnut filly *Nazli in England on May 17, 1888. Randolph Huntington had purchased *Naomi carrying this foal in February 1888 and thought she would be at side when *Naomi arrived here in the United States. But this was not so and *Nazli did not arrive until 1893 when she was five years old. Thus it is through Huntington's importation of these two mares, and most directly through the *Naomi daughter *Nazli and her produce, that we have Maidan's influence coming down to us at Arieana Arabians from out of one of the very first purebred Arabian breeding programs here in the United States. (For more information about Randolph Huntington and his Americo-Arab project, please see the stories of Anazeh, Khaled, *Kismet, *Leopard, *Naomi and her daughter *Nazli, and *Nimr.)

Today at Arieana Arabians we proudly carry on the traits that are traditionally associated with this Maidan family line through our linebreeding program on Rahas and Guemura and by breeding horses from their descendants with an eye for that same enduring Maidan beauty coupled with his speed, strength, and stamina as exemplified in the rising star and future herd sire Haat Pursuit (Blitzen of Pico x Gleeful Pico by RS Ibn Haatshaat).

~Suzi Morris (08/12/2012)

Borden, Spencer. The Arab Horse. Doubleday, Page & Company, New York. 1906. pp 76-80.

Upton, Peter. The Arab Horse. The Crowood Press, Ramsbury, Marlborough, Wilshire SN8 2HE. 1989.

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For more information on Maidan or to see for yourself how his influence lives on in the prized and cherished horses of Arieana Arabians, please contact us. Visitors are always welcome; appointments are appreciated.

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