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Mesaoud under saddle
Mesaoud with groom


Leafy Bullet Mesaoud Leafy Bullet
GSB #2070
(GSB Volume 17)

Color: Chestnut
Sex: Stallion
Foaled: 1887

Markings: Bright chestnut with four stockings, four white feet, and a blaze. A mark of white under his chin, also a group of white specks under the jowl. Dark line along back.

Sire: Aziz RAS 41 (Harkan Egypt 231 x Aziza Egypt 230)

Dam: Yemameh Egypt 88 (Shueyman Egypt 226 x Bint Ghazieh [Wazireh])

Breeder: Ali Pasha Sherif. Purchased in 1889 by Wilfrid Blunt and Lady Anne Blunt as a foundation stallion for their Arabian Studs in Egypt (Sheykh Obeyd) and in England (Crabbet Park). Sold to Russia in 1903.

Sire of immense international influence through his 99 Foals registered in the General Stud Book (England) where his information is entered in Volume XVII, page 814. It's been estimated that Mesaoud's name appears in the pedigrees of over 90% of all Arabian horses registered in the WAHO Studbooks of today. 

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From our Arieana Notebook: We value Mesaoud's influence as one of the most significant of individuals in the pedigrees of Arieana's bloodstock. With the electrifying gelding Ashan Adar poised and posed as our ideal and model of everything the ideal Arabian Horse should and could be, we would often gaze with awe and pride and compare line for line, bone for bone, muscle for muscle, and conclude that yes, we could indeed enter "Shan" in a Mesaoud look-alike contest and win first prize ~ from physical likenesses in size and measurements, bone structure and conformation, to both of them having tails set on very high and carried magnificently, to both being noted as fine movers, fast walkers and trotters. 

Thusly inspired we began our program at Arieana Arabians of line-breeding on the incomparable Mesaoud and his full sister in blood Bint Helwa. Mesaoud's influence as a Sire permeates throughout our pedigrees through his sons *Abu Zeyd, *Astraled (see Gulastra and Riyala), Daoud, Harb, Rejeb, and Seyal, along with his daughters Ajramieh (see *Aldebar), Feluka, Narghileh and Risala. The culmination of this journey is just over the horizon for us now as we watch the unfolding of the rising star and future herd sire Haat Pursuit (Blitzen of Pico x Gleeful Pico by RS Ibn Haatshaat). Join us for the excitement ~ dreams do come true!

Wilfrid Blunt had among his other interests a love of horseracing. He was inspired by what the infusion of Oriental blood on England's native bloodstock had done in creating the fast-racing Thoroughbreds of his day and realized there was a need for fresh blood in the gene pool. Thus began his and Lady Anne Blunt's quest for Arabian horses to bring back to England, and Mesaoud was one of the first horses they chose, purchasing him at the sale of the Ali Pasha Sherif horses in 1889.

We could write volumes on this page about Mesaoud's life in both Egypt and England and his lasting world-wide influence as a sire, but rather than repeating the best of what has already gone ahead of us, we suggest you try these links for more detailed information on this superlative stallion:

The Influence of Mesaoud by Chris Littrell
Mesaoud (Wikipedia)

Several other articles of interest on the founding of the Crabbet Park Stud with specific mention of Mesaoud can be found at:

The Founding of the Crabbet Tradition by Michael Bowling
What is Crabbet? by Coralie Gordon
Crabbet Arabians (Arabian Horse Association)

In hard copy, we have enjoyed this insight on Mesaoud's life and times from "Looking Back" and wish in conclusion to share with you these excerpts and highlights: "Before he was exported to England, Mesaoud spent two years at Sheykh Obeyd, the Blunt's stud in Egypt. He was taken there after his purchase by the Blunts' Bedouin assistant, Zeyd. Zeyd protected the horse from the "evil eye" on the journey by avoiding all popular routes and bringing him through the desert. Upon their arrival at Sheykh Obeyd, Zeyd sacrificed a lamb in the garden and sprinkled its blood on Mesaoud's forehead, thereby further insuring protection against the "evil eye". Mesaoud became Lady Wentworth's favorite riding mount while in Egypt. When he was taken to England in 1891, he won first prize at the Crystal Palace show three years in a row." (Arabians September 1984, p. 152) 

Mesaoud was sold to Wladislas Kleniewski in July, 1903. Shortly thereafter he was imported to Russia by the influential Count Sergei Aleksandrovich Stroganov whose stud in the Caucasus later became the Soviet-run Tersk Stud. From there Mesaoud quite disappears from public record, and none of his direct Russian-born get seem to have survived the Russian Revolution of 1917. Yes, true, Mesaoud's name does appear in many modern Russian Arabian pedigrees, but none of those are his direct get bred in Russia, but instead are names of his Crabbet-bred descendants who were imported into Russia at a later date.

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Pedigree of Mesaoud GSB #2070

Zobeyni Egypt 233
Harkan Egypt 231
Harka Egypt 252
Aziz RAS 41
Samhan Egypt 260
Aziza Egypt 230
Bint Faras Nakadan
Egypt 25
GSB #2070
Jerboa Egypt 257
Shueyman Egypt 226
Shueyma Egypt 258
Yemameh Egypt 88
Zobeyni Egypt 233
Bint Ghazieh (Wazireh) Egypt 232
Ghazieh Egypt 234
Sire Line: Zobeyni (Abbas Pasha) (Saklawi Jedran Ibn Sudan)
Tail Female: Ghazieh (Abbas Pasha) (Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah)

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Source of Pedigree Data: Arabian Horse DataSource 2000. Arabian Horse Registry of America, Inc., Denver Colorado, 1999.

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For more information on Mesaoud or to see for yourself how his influence lives on in the prized and cherished horses of Arieana Arabians, please contact us. Visitors are always welcome; appointments are appreciated.

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