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*Nimr with Alfred Borden

Leafy Bullet *Nimr Leafy Bullet
AHR #232

Color: Chestnut (Dark)
Sex: Stallion
Foaled: June 20, 1891

Sire: *Kismet (Desert Bred x Desert Bred)

Dam: *Nazli (Maidan x *Naomi by Yataghan)

Breeder: Reverend F. Furse Vidal. England.

Imported by: Randolph Huntington. Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York. June 28, 1893.

Sire of 5 registered purebred Arabian foals in the United States (3 colts and 2 fillies) including his sons Khaled and Segario who both appear in the pedigrees of Arieana Arabians through our linebreeding program to the stallion Rahas and the dynastic mare Guemura.

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From our Arieana Notebook: *Nimr was described in a letter dated March 31, 1893, written by the Reverend Vidal, *Nimr's breeder in England, to Randolph Huntington, as ".... The finest possible shoulders, loins, and quarters; large clean flat joints (hocks and knees); legs clean and flat; tendons steel-like and powerful. Neck beautifully arched and head perfectly put on. .... He stands perfectly true on all four feet; is very true in action and has great liberty [impressive in style and motion when at liberty]. Has no blemish of any sort. .... He is quiet in the stable (a beautiful temper) and to lead...." (Exactly the same desirable traits and qualities that we breed for specifically at Arieana Arabians today, almost 120 years later! ~spm)

It is known that, in addition to the five purebred foals registered in the American studbook, *Nimr also sired at least one Americo-Arab for Randolph Huntington in his efforts to bring about a unique and special national breed for the United States. This colt was Clay Kismet, a chestnut foaled May 31, 1895, out of the mare Gypsey Clay (Simmons Clay x Clay Queen). (Mulder, p.110) 

After *Nimr's death in 1904, Huntington gave *Nimr's body to the American Museum of Natural History in New York, New York, where his skeleton was mounted for the museum collection showing the evolution of the horse. His skeleton showed 17 pairs of ribs, 5 lumbar vertebrae, and 16 tail bones, all characteristic of many (but not all) Arabians. Most non-Arabian horses have 18 pairs of ribs, 6 lumbar vertebrae, and 18 tail bones. (Mulder, p. 111)

Mulder, Carol June Woodbridge. Imported Foundation Stock of North American Arabian Horses. Volume II (Revised Edition). Borden Publishing Company, Los Angeles, California. 1993. pp. 109-112.

Recommended links for further study on Randolph Huntington, his importations, and his Americo-Arab Project include:
From Needham Market to Oyster Bay by Thornton Chard.
Randolph Huntington by George H. Conn, D.V.M.
Please also see the stories of Anazeh and his sire *Leopard on this website.

Pedigree of *Nimr AHR #232

Desert Bred
Desert Bred
Desert Bred
*Kismet 253
Desert Bred
Desert Bred
Desert Bred
AHR #232
Desert Bred
Maidan GSB 14
Desert Bred
*Nazli 231 
Yataghan GSB 2102
*Naomi 230
Haidee GSB 11
Sire Line: *Kismet 253
Tail Female: Haidee (Maneghi Hedruj)

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For more information on *Nimr, or to see for yourself how his influence lives on in the prized and cherished horses of Arieana Arabians, please contact us. Visitors are always welcome; appointments are appreciated.

Suzi Morris
28952 Via Hacienda
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-5546
Phone: 949-248-1260

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