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Archives: Internet Edition ~ Spring & Summer 2004
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News and Events

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Swat the West Nile Virus

Red Bullet  Heads-Up!
As of today, June 28, 2004, the dreaded arrival of the West Nile Virus within our equine population here in Southern California has been confirmed in four horses, one of which has died. The confirmed cases are/were in San Bernardino County (1) and Riverside County (3) with two additional suspected cases now in Norco.

For more information on the West Nile Virus and what we can do to protect ourselves and our cherished horses, please visit the website at the University of California at Davis's Center for Equine Health which is updated on a weekly basis.  You might also find the information on the California Health Department's West Nile Surveillance website of value.

Suzi Morris

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Red Bullet  Greener Pastures
Today, June 3, 2004, SX La Quinta (*Serafix x Cobah) was put humanely to sleep. At just one month shy of her 31st Birthday, the suspensory ligaments in both front legs ruptured and there was nothing that could be done. A valiant and gallant lady to the end, I held her tenderly in her last minutes, telling her how much I loved her. She seemed to know. SX La Quinta leaves a gaping hole in our hearts and in our lives.

Marci de la Torre
Pegasus Park Arabians

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BA Storm Dancer BA Storm Dancer
Photo courtesy of Carol Mingst

Red Bullet  He's Here!
"Well, many of you know that I've been searching for several years for a stallion that I felt complimented my mares. Several months ago I found him, and last night he finally arrived!! I just can't contain myself, he's just so wonderful!

Some of you know him: BA Storm Dancer (Aurlani Farwa x Lady Farah by Farlane). For those who don't (and even those who do), you can see him on my site: BA Storm Dancer. And a big thank you to Carol Mingst for allowing me to use her photos and video of him!

I can't wait to get to know him and then to start riding him. He arrived around 9pm last night (February 20th) and is already settling in nicely. My endurance mare, Phlyrt, is living up to her name and has been in roaring heat since his arrival (at least it's only one of them, I expected all my mares to be doing that!), but he's taking it very nicely and hasn't been acting "studdy" at all despite all her teasing (they're 24 feet away from one another).

I just had to share the news. I'm too thrilled to be quiet about it! Anyone in So Cal is more than welcome to come over and pay him a visit."

Nicole Kinsey
Zephyr Arabians
(Reprinted from Nicole's post to the Arabian Preservation Mailing List and posted here on 04/02/03)

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FV Sharabba in Canada FV Sharabba in Canada

Red Bullet  Exciting News from Marci de la Torre:
"We are proud to announce that Cal Poly [Pomona] has booked two of their Heritage Herd mares to FV Sharabba (Ohadi Ben Rabba x Ohadi Abbie) for 2004 Breedings. Mares being bred are FV Canadian Melody (Canadian Salute x FV Farliti by Farlane) and Farletta (Ibn Farlane x Melody Flame by Muhuli). FV Sharabba is co-owned by Marci de la Torre and Dr. David Ward.

Other great news in the "Anticipated Foals Department" is that we have checked the Serazim daughter, Pazcion, in foal to SX Staleys Gemini (*Serafix x Neecheza). She is due in October and this foal is a true miracle baby. Gemini is 31 this year and this is the first foal that we will have from him.

Marci de la Torre
Pegasus Park

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"Do you approve?"
Pico Haat Shaat with Leslie Benenson
Leslie Benenson drawing Pico Haat Shaat at Rancho del Charro.
Photo by Suzi Morris 2001.

Red Bullet  Welcome Back to Southern California!
We are honored to announce that Leslie Benenson is currently visiting in Southern California. This world-famous artist from England draws only from life and has the most amazing way of capturing the spirit and essence of the horse with her pastels.

She will be in the Orange County and San Diego County areas for the next few weeks and has a few spare days on her calendar for drawing your horse.

If you are interested in making an appointment with her, you may contact Leslie through Suzi Morris or Howard Patton now through the end of April.


Bouquet for John

Red Bullet  Sad News to Report
We recently learned of the passing of John Erickson, a best friend and fellow advocate of the CMK Heritage. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family.


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Calendar of CMK Heritage Events ~ Spring & Summer 2004

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Red Bullet  September 4th-5th, 2004
Crabbet Celebration XI, Wakefield Airfield 4-H Conference Center, Wakefield, VA. Presented by The Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society and featuring ECAHS Futurity and Horse Show, Presentation of Family Lines, Veteran Breeders Panel, Family Fun, Demonstrations, Dressage, Speakers, Stallion Presentations, Stallion Service Auction, and honoring Virginia Kelsall with the ECAHS Lifetime Achievement Award. Details and up-to-date information are posted on the Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society's website or you may contact Michelle Gasataya for more details and more information.

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CAT Logo

Red Bullet September 12th, 2004
The Crabbet Alliance of Texas
is having a Maturity Show on September 12, 2004. If anyone would like more information, please contact Maria.

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Red Bullet  September 25th, 2004
AHASC Equine Faire at the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center, Cal Poly-Pomona. 8:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M. Featuring a Tour and History of the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center with our own Melissa Paul, Curator of the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library, Clinics for you and your horse, Guest Speakers and Demonstrations, and Vendor Booths. All Proceeds go to Cal Poly Equine Scholarships. Admission is only: Adults $10.00, Students and Children $6.00, Children 7 and under Free. For more information, contact Debbie Price at 909-394-3395.


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Red Bullet  Are you having an Open House or participating in a Special Event here in Southern California that might be of interest to the friends and advocates of the CMK Heritage? Be sure to let us know so we can post your announcement here!

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Good Luck Horseshoe

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