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Breeders Forum ~ Spring & Summer 2007
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Phenotype/Genotype Explained
by Michael Bowling 2003
(Reprinted with permission from Michael's post to the ArabianPreservation Mailing List,  August 20, 2003)

"What is the difference between Phenotype and Genotype?" is a question we are often asked as we discuss the pedigrees of CMK horses.

"Phenotype" comes from the same root as "phenomenon." It is the sum of the visible, measurable traits and characteristics ~ it is the individual, of whatever species, standing in front of us.

"Genotype" is the underlying DNA-sequence genetic makeup, apart from any results of good or bad external forces.

Phenotype is the result of genotype interacting through growth and development with the environment.

The genotype is what can be transmitted; the central problem of making selection decisions is knowing how much of the observed phenotypic difference between individuals is due to genetics, rather than environment.

Michael Bowling

(Editor's note: Winter, 2003): We thank Michael Bowling for his generous sharing of time and knowledge with us. If you have the opportunity to be in the Sacramento ~ Davis, California area, please be sure to visit him and see for yourself these beautiful CMK riding horses he writes about and is breeding at his New Albion Stud. ~spm)

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