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Breeders Forum ~ Spring & Summer 2007
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Preservation Breeding and Frozen Semen
by W. H. (Howard) Patton  1996
(Reprinted by permission from the
Southern California CMK News, Summer 1996)

Now that semen can be frozen and stored for an indefinite time, we have a way of extending the genetic life of our CMK stallions. I sometimes hear breeders talk about the cost of stored/transported semen and complain that it only helps the large breeders. If we look at the big picture, it may not turn out to be as costly as it seems at first. From the mare owner's point of view, we need to consider the cost of transportation and board for the mare compared to the cost of transporting semen plus the cost of veterinary work involved. When we make this comparison, transported semen may turn out to be the least costly way. Also, most of us are reluctant to ship our rare, old CMK mares long distances for fear of accidents, etc.

Now looking from the stallion owner's viewpoint, it is a fairly expensive proposition. However, when we again look at the total cost over the long haul, it begins to look better since the cost of storing semen is much less than maintaining a stallion. I'm not suggesting that any old stallions be destroyed. This should be looked at like a kind of genetic insurance and the stallions can be used with live cover when it is more convenient. The permit required by The Registry is now $350.00 for a permanent permit compared to the old rules when it cost $200.00 for one year. If we spread this $350.00 over several years, it is much less per year than it was formerly.

When the Arabian organizations (IAHA or The Registry) come out with some new scheme, it usually is detrimental to preservation breeding. In my opinion, this is one time The Registry has done something that helps preservation breeding.

(Editor's note: Summer, 1996): Howard Patton lives in Ramona and is managing editor of this newsletter. He stands the stallion AUR SULLA at public stud. He worked to have the stallion's semen tested and frozen, and was able to get five good straws before the stallion injured his hock. This sad and ironic turn of events should give all preservation breeders something to think about. Thank you Howard for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Did you readers know that Howard Patton's farm name of AL NAJIB when translated from the Arabic means "The Noble"? Now isn't that a most appropriately chosen name for a home of our proud and noble breed!  ~spm

(Editor's note: Winter, 2003-2004):  Update! In 2003, IAHA and The Registry combined forces and merged into one organization: The Arabian Horse Association. ~spm

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