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Sport of Kings
Contributed by Suzi Morris

"In ancient days, the Arabian was bred for war. Endurance to survive the harsh desert conditions of the Arabian Peninsula and the speed to carry a warrior swiftly against his foe. Now that same Arabian that left hoof prints in the sands of legend, has come riding through time once more. The horse that carried Alexander the Great on his conquest of the Old World, continues to prove itself in our day.

Arabian racing is the newest, most exciting and fastest growing segment of the Sport of Kings. On tracks around the world, these swift and magnificent purebred Arabians are capturing the attention and imagination of a large and growing public.

Until recently, the Arabian breed has been better known for its performance in shows and in endurance events, such as the annual 100 mile Tevis Cup, in which an Arabian usually wins against all other breeds, including Thoroughbreds. The Original Racehorse These are the "Drinkers of the Wind," and racing is in their heart and soul.

The Arabian is the original racehorse. When the English breeders wanted to add speed and endurance to their horses, they turned to the Arabian. The result was the Thoroughbred. But the Arabian was the source, its blood and spirit created the Sport of Kings." (Source of this article: Arabian Advocates website, March 1994.)

Interested in knowing more about the history and lore of The Sport of Kings and those "Drinkers of the Wind" in those Days of Yore? Here are some links that might prove helpful ~

The Arabian Jockey Club's article: "Racing History"

Thoroughbred Heritage's website index to their breed's Arabian "Foundation Sires"

The breeding of Arabian bloodstock in this same racing tradition proudly continues on here at Arieana Arabians. Please be sure to visit our own website pages about Haat Shaat and read how his influence as a sire is creating its own legacy in the modern annals of those "Drinkers of the Wind."

Happy Trails!

Suzi Morris (updated 06/29/2010)

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